Brouer, Berit Dangaard; Desaulniers, Guy; Pisinger, David.
A Matheuristic for the Liner Shipping Network Design Problem
In: Transportation Research. Part E: Logistics and Transportation Review, Vol. 72, 2014, p. 4259.

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R Lusby, M. Schwierz, T. Range, J. Larsen
Dynamic Patient Admission Scheduling Problem Solutions.

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R LusbyM. Gamst, and S. Spoorendonk
Bin Packing Problem

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Jørgen Haahr, Richard Lusby and Joris Wagenaar. 
"Optimization methods for the train unit shunting problem"
In: The European Journal of Operational Research. May 2017

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 MP Kidd, RM Lusby & J Larsen
Considering passenger and operator inconvenience in the scheduling of large railway projects

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