About the Division

The division of Management Science (MS) is the largest MS division in Denmark. It is internationally recognised as one of the leading MS divisions in Scandinavia and includes Operations Research (OR), Implementation and Performance Management (IPM) and Operations Management (OM).

The division has a holistic approach to the research by covering all phases of the MS cycle: from problem analysis over model building to the development of new solutions methods and interpretation of the obtained results.

There is a biweekly seminar which is announced to most MS-groups in Denmark. The seminar makes it possible for all researchers to stay updated with the various projects, and to contribute with new input. The seminar is open to all visitors.

The division has won several prizes for outstanding research work at all levels from scientific papers to Master’s thesis projects.

Head of Division: Professor Jesper Larsen. 


Jesper Larsen
Professor/Head of Division
DTU Management Engineering
+45 45 25 33 85