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About the Division

In the Management Science division, we work with qualitative and quantitative methods to understand, develop and optimize management within a series of research areas. We are working within areas such as production, financial engineering, health care, public transportation, maritime logistics, supply chain and management.

The division covers the full cycle of Management Science from problem analysis to model building to the development of new solutions, implementation and leadership. We are  recognised internationally as one of the leading Management Science divisions in Scandinavia.

We offer research-based solutions to companies such as Mærsk, Vattenfall, DSB, LEGO, The Capital Region and Region Zealand. 

Our division consists of the following research groups: 

Operations Management

Operations Research

Implementation and Performance Management

The Management Science division is a part of the Department of DTU Management.  



Jesper Larsen
Professor/Head of Division
DTU Management
+4545 25 33 85