42142 Recent Research Results in Management Science F18

Erik O. Hellsten: "Dynamic routing of a fleet of shared autonomous vehicles"

Fleets of shared autonomous vehicles have been predicted to dominate the transport sector within the near future. For this to work well--including the handling of spontaneous requests--the associated routing problems need to be modelled dynamically and solved efficiently. The talk will briefly introduce and discuss the problem and previous literature. Then, a model of the problem, together with a heuristic, rolling horizon optimisation solution approach will be presented. The optimisation problems resulting from the rolling horizon approach are solved using column generation, where the subproblems, being elementary shortest path problems with side constraints, are solved using both a greedy insertion heuristics heuristic and a dynamic programming algorithm.

Please notice that the seminar starts at 15:00 to make it easier for people from industry and other universities to attend. Moreover, people will be more motivated to have chocolate cookies late in the afternoon instead of right after lunch.

If there is only one talk, the presentation may take up to 45 minutes, while if we have two talks they should take 30 minutes each. Feel free to come - there is coffee/tee and chocolate cookies. After the talk there is time for discussion and networking.


Thu 22 Feb 18
15:00 - 16:30


DTU Management Engineering


Produktionstorvet building 424, Room 123, 1st floor, 2800 Kgs. Lyngby