Implementation and Performance Management

It can be a challenge to design workplaces which supports both the expected performance and behavior. The "Implementation and Performance Management" (IPM) research group studies what companies can do to implement new work practices, technologies and organizational changes in their continuous effort to develop production performance and employee well-being.

Design and management of performance systems is thus an integrated element of our understanding of implementation. We also develop knowledge and tools on how production performance and attractive workplaces can be achieved in respect to the core tasks of the work place, corporation and the required related management activities.

Every second month we present the results of our ongoing research at the IPM Research Seminar, by offering TED-inspired talks on our most recent conference papers. In each session, we will guide you into a different field and present a variety of hand-on examples, tools and guidelines for combining expected performance and behaviour in the implementation of management processes. 
Are you ready to be inspired and join the conversation? The program below shows when & where we will present next, we are looking forward to meeting you there!
You cannot join us in person? No fear, we will live-stream and upload our presentation on our youtube channel:

Date & location  Presenter  Title/Topic Conference
DTU, Building 424, room 025
Christine  IPM: Our research group,  research seminar and M.Sc. course in Implementation and Performance Management -
DTU, 424-025
Estimating effect modifiers in intervention
10th NOVO symposium
DTU, 424-025
Signe  Implementation of psycho-social initiatives EGOS 2017
DTU, 424-025
Marco Ronzoni Implementation of the Telepresence Robot Technology - Preliminary findings  
DTU, 424-025
Mette Implementation and integration of safety management in micro and small haulage enterprises PhD dissertation
Per Anker Facilities Management as a Value Driver EFMC 2018


Head of Research Group