Operations Management

Operations Management


DTU Management - Management Science Division - Research - Operations Management Section

We develop methods for an efficient and sustainable utilization of resources and activities in companies from the strategic to the operational level.

Effective planning of resources and activities is essential for industry and service companies spanning from strategic to the operational level.

In the Operations Management Section we use quantitative methods such as simulation theory, mathematical optimization and the use of information technology to develop methods for an efficient and sustainable use of resources. Furthermore, qualitative methodologies such as process optimization are employed to support research within efficient planning and management across the supply chain.

The core research areas of Operations Management include: supply chain management, customization, modularization and product configuration systems, design of production systems and production and planning control.

Our research targets a broad spectrum of industrial and service sectors including manufacturing, services, transportation and health care.

We have a special focus on digitalization, analytics, and Industry 4.0 to further strengthen our efforts in applying quantitative as well as qualitative methods to improve decision support across the entire supply chain.

If you are interested in a partnership or opportunities to collaborate with us, contact our Head of Section here.