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Management Science provides multidisciplinary science in quantitative decision support. Our research ranges from mathematical-based optimization models to process-oriented management models and is used in basically every sector.


We are world leading in maritime logistics and our researchers are internationally recognized in areas such as transport, energy infrastructure, the education sector, as well as the healthcare and pharmaceutical industries. We do research in planning, production management, e.g. optimization and reduction of product complexity as well as organizational change from products to services.


In our recent initiatives, we focus on financial engineering and business analytics, where results from machine learning and artificial intelligence are used in management science.


The Management Science Division is divided into three sections:

Jesper Larsen
Professor, head of division, head of section
DTU Management
+45 45 25 33 85

Operations Management

We develop methods for an efficient and sustainable utilization of resources and activities in companies from the strategic to the operational level.



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Operations Research

We support decision making using advanced methods. We work cross-disciplinary and turn complex challenges into opportunities by turning data into insight.




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